Wedding Guest Extraordinaire Podcast

Sarah Southern is the host of the Wedding Guest Extraordinaire podcast, a weekly podcast on organising your wedding but from the point of view of the guest.

Sarah interviews friends about their weddings, experts in the wedding industry and gives her top tips on ensuring the best day possible.  Listen to the podcast via Apple Podcast or via the Wedding Guest Extraordinaire website.  Search WEDDING GUEST EXTRAORDINAIRE to find the podcast.  Follow the podcast on social media too. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. #weddingguestpod

Episode #1: Laura Gets Married

Laura (Deputy Editor of Style and fashion journalist) and Ben married at the Chateau du Ludaix in France in 2012. After a legal ceremony at Sutton House in Hackney, London they invited their nearest and dearest to France to enjoy a fabulous wedding.  Sarah was Chris Bridesmaid and chats to her best friend about her overseas wedding.

Episode #2: Elliot Gets Married

Elliot married Tom at Elmore Court in the summer of 2016.  Sarah was asked to be their Director of Guest Expereince/Chief Usher.  Sarah chatted to Elliot about including a religious element into his day, how best to utilise your wedding party and how to decide where to get married.

Episode #3: Julia’s a bridesmaid…again

Julia has been a bridesmaid eight times.  Yes, you read that right. EIGHT. Sarah chatted to her about dress choices, weddings in the US and UK and special it is to be involved in your friend’s big day.


Sarah Southern